What makes sleeping naked with your partner makes the both of you wealthier and healthier? Here are our five proofs!

  1. Skin-on-skin contact at its finest

For married couples or those living with their partner, sleeping naked together helps their marriage as it allows for skin-to-skin contact, which means more sex. This eventually causes the body to release large doses of a neurotransmitter known as oxytocin, which will make you think good thoughts and feel good feelings.

  1. Better sleep

Undoubtedly, quality sleep is very important to boost your brain performance. No one will argue with that. To support this, the University of Rochester has discovered how the brain eliminates toxin proteins from the neurons.

Nevertheless, your brain can only get rid enough toxic proteins once you have adequate sleep. If you don’t get enough shut-eye, these toxic proteins will stay within your brain cells, thus destroying your thinking ability. When that happens, it will surely slow down your ability to process everything you see, hear or touch and worse, totally remove your creativity.

Clothing restricts our freedom to move while sleeping, regardless of how thin it is. By sleeping nude, there is no top or shirt to get twisted, no drawstrings to pulled on or gets tangled – which promotes a faster, deeper, and healthier sleep throughout the night.

  1. Reduce stress

Prolonged stress is definitely bad to one’s health as it increases the risk of obesity, depression, and heart disease, as well as suppresses the immune system. As mentioned earlier, sleeping naked will help you get proper rest – which is important in decreasing the stress level. So, prepare for a beautiful, smiling day after.

  1. Keep the sex organs happier

Ladies who prefer a more airy and cooler room sleeping condition helps them prevent yeast infections since yeast accumulates better in moist, warm conditions. While for men, their testes will keep at a cooler temperature. This helps their reproductive system to function normally and keeps their sperm counts vigorous and healthy.

  1. Balance your growth hormones and melatonin

By sleeping in a room below 70° F every night, the body regulates its growth hormone and melatonin levels. These chemicals will help your body to do various things such as preventing the aging process. Sleeping with clothes on prevents the effective use of these essential hormones.

Not only that, it also stabilizes your cortisol level.  If you weren’t aware, cortisol is an unusual chemical within the body, however it can cause damage inside.  Once you sleep with nothing at all, it controls your body temperature at an optimal range, forcing your body to produce better cortisol.

When you are sleeping, typically overheated cortisol maintain its level until you wake up.  Do not ignore this. Such happenings may result to heightened food cravings, more anxiety, weight gain and many more. Hence, when you opt to sleep naked, you are also keeping your body at a low temperature.

These are only five of the major benefits of sleeping naked together. Give it a try and see how it will benefit you and your significant other.

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