Are you looking for a way to improve your sex performance? Then, sleep! Yes, you’ve heard it right. You have to get more sleep to make a boost in your orgasm. It is just a mere opinion. In fact, science can explain how sleep results to great interest in lovemaking and how one-of-a-kind orgasmic sex can lead to better sleep.

In connection to that, Laurie Mintz, a professor of Psychology at the University of Florida and the author of Becoming Cliterate said that almost one in every three adults in the United States don’t get sufficient amount of sleep. Not only that, roughly a third of men and about half of women are now concerned about their sex lives.

The Impact Of Sleep To Women

Recently, a research performed by college women exclusive for the Journal of Sexual Medicine told that when a woman slept for more than one hour, they will likely get 14% more chances of getting sexual experience the next day. To simply put, the more sleep you get, the better arousal you will have. Thus, getting more sleep will surely improve your sex life.

This study was participated with 171 women wherein, their sexual activity and sleep were being recorded within two weeks. It revealed as well that girls who don’t have enough time sleeping have experienced poor vaginal arousal. It emphasizes that women should have at least 7 hours and 22 minutes sleep every night.

On the other hand, they also proved that interrelated sexual and sleep issues are common on mothers. Why? It is simply because they tend to get less good night’s sleep since they take care for their baby at night. They also need to do lot of household chores. As a matter of fact, married women who work full time and with school-aged kids have higher chance to suffer from insomnia and sex issues.

New Mothers Suffer The Most

According to National Sleep Foundation, new mums’ sexual life suffers the most because they don’t have enough time (or worse too tired or sleepy).

Stress and even lack of sleep trigger the discharge of cortisol, a certain hormone that reduces testosterone which is crucial in boosting your sexual drive.

So, how to get a more zzzzzz’s?

Gina Ogden, PhD, a renowned sex expert based in Massachusetts said that it is critical that you understand the importance of shut-eye in promoting desire. With sleep, you can eliminate any bad happening from the day like stressful work meeting, traffic etc., enabling you to unwind and devour the moment with your spouse or partner.

Having a hard time getting a shut-eye? Rather than turning and tossing your body in your bed, why not initiate sensual moves with your partner? Lots of experiment unleashed that sex can release the so-called cuddle hormone and minimizes cortisol. Apart from that, reaching your climax will release prolactin, making you feel sleepy and relaxed.

However, if you keep on struggling with sleep, don’t just ignore it. Seek help immediately by consulting a professional healthcare provider.

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